Aims and Tasks

The federal act governing agricultural federal agencies mentions the following fields of activity for the Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics :

Research in the area of agricultural economics in Austria with special emphasis on business management, market and food economy, agricultural policy, rural sociology, regional research and regional policy, nature conservation and environmental protection, agricultural statistics as well as international economic integration and global agriculture

Analyses (quantifications and evaluations) of agri-political measures and of the agricultural sector’s macro-economic position

Observation of the national and international agricultural market and the devising of development forecasts

Analysis of regional agricultural structure development and the efficiency of agricultural and regional promotion measures

Management of an Austrian business administrational planning centre including the creation of materials for business management consultancy and planning

Development of agro-economic and regional economic models

Operation of a special agricultural economics library and Austrian documentation centre

Aims of these activities are:

Provision of scientifically based support to agricultural policy

Collaboration in national and international expert groups (EU, WTO, OECD, FAO, etc.) and participation in research networks

Provision of materials for consultancy, information and public relations activities 

Expert services and creation of expertises

Compilation and preparation of agro-economically relevant data in databases