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Hambrusch, J.; Kirner, L.; Ortner, K.M.


The number of dairy farms in Austria has decreased during the last decade. Comparisons withother European countries reveal that dairy farms in Austria are quite small. Thus there is a seriousconcern about the competitiveness and efficiency of the dairy sector in the future. The objective of thisstudy is to measure efficiency scores of Austrian dairy farms and to examine the relationship betweenefficiency and farm size. Data envelopment analysis (DEA) was applied to a sample of 222 highlyspecialised dairy farms. The results show an average technical efficiency of 79 % and a scale effi-ciency of 94 %. This suggests that natural conditions and management practices had a stronger impacton technical efficiency than farm size. An analysis of returns to scale revealed that 18 % of the samplefarms were operating at constant returns to scale, 9 % above and 73 % below efficient scale.

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