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Mission Statement

Our Mandate

The Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics (“AWI”) is an Austrian socio-economic research institute focussing on current and future-oriented issues of agricultural policy, food economics, agricultural enterprises and rural areas.

We work on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, other Austrian administrative institutions, institutions of the European Union, international organizations, vocational and educational organizations, consultancies and extension services, scientific communities and the general public.

Research and Cooperation

We work on a project-basis and focus on diverse enterpreneurial, regional, national and international aspects.

Our research results, expert reports and opinions serve as a basis for policy and consultancy decision making and contribute to scientific, social and agricultural-policy discourses.

We place great value on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation with national and international partners.

Exchanging Information and Knowledge

We view ourselves as a forum for scholarly discussion that includes decision makers and practitioners.

We manage a comprehensive data pool of agricultural statistics, develop expertise in agricultural economics, and elaborate our results in a clear and coherent manner for use in various media.

We disseminate our research results through AWI seminars, published serials (“AWI-Schriftenreihe” and “Agrarpolitische Arbeitsbehelfe”) and the AWI website.

We contribute our knowledge to working groups and discussion events, and convey information by way of lectures and training courses.

In our comprehensive library and documentation center, we identify and collect specialist literature and research results, provide user-friendly access to them, and maintain links to library networks and information systems on the World Wide Web.

Our Team

Our staff members work in interdisciplinary project teams, complementing and supporting each other.

Building on the institute’s many years of experience, our staff is continually developing its professional and methodical knowledge. In addition, we foster an ongoing exchange of information and ideas with national and international experts.

We respect and motivate each other, and we are highly committed to the further development of our organizational culture.

Our flexibility in terms of both organizational structure and topical orientation permits us to take up future-oriented subjects.

We investigate problems in the field of agricultural economics and analyze their social, economic and ecological interrelationships, develop potential solutions and estimate impacts and effects.